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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                137

belt and blue ribands in his shoes, and a Roman
sword hanging to a gold chain. Over all this a
scarlet surtout or tabard, lined with white, faced
and caped with white, and embroidered with
gold. The cape wide and lying on the shoulders
—the sleeves at the wrist turned back, and a
Vandyck ruff. It is by no means a dignified
habiliment; it wants amplitude and simplicity for
a toga, and tightness as well as simplicity for a
paludamentum. His hat with feathers lay on the
table, near which he stood all the time.

The petitioners gave their memorials to the
director; he stood between two soldiers with
bayonets, who could read the papers over his
shoulder. He perused them, and gave some
answer or other. Behind him were huissiers,
dressed in short black coats, with red caps and
feathers, very like Crispin's habit in the play, and
quite as ludicrous. Some of the ministers stood
round the fire.

This puppet-show work cannot expedite busi-
ness, but it amuses the people, and those who
were accustomed to solicit and plead* The popu-
lace, easily fascinated by any humbug, went away
satisfied that they had seen their chief take their
memorials with his own hands, and gratis, although
probably he never thought any more of half of